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Flag of Bones The voyages of the Dragon Wynd (Book one: the shallows) - Elle Pepper Ok, first and foremost thanks to Elle for providing me with a free copy of her book in return for an honest review.

I normally comment on grammar, spelling and other editing things, but given I had to convert the PDF version using Amazon's conversion process, the formatting and spacing was a bit whacked, so I will not make any comments on this.

The characters...well, I can't say that I know very much about any of them! I know some rather obscure items of knowledge, but I could not tell you anything of importance. The story dumps you right in the middle of a scene with very little explanation as to how, why, when.

The use of an individual time system, moderately different language and belief/code system really needs to be discussed and explained in A LOT more detail. The concepts are there, but with the limited information provided by Elle, it really makes it hard to grasp. I often found myself wondering WTF just happened! A prime example of this was the scene where the Dragon Wynd is coming in to the port with the rigging system. I had no idea what was happening to the boat, I don't speak like a pirate, the visuals provided were in sailing jargon and I found them confusing! The end result was me re-reading the same couple of paragraphs about 15 times and each time getting more and more angry and confused! In the end I just decided that I didn't care how the bloody rigging system worked, they just 'magically' got there! Not a good outcome, and had I not promised a review, I probably would have stopped reading there!!

There seemed to be a lot of competing ideas in this story, none of them fully explored or formed, but all thrown in together. I wanted to know who people were, what happened to others, why things happened, how some characters could do certain things and others couldn't! In short, Flag of Bones made me question the everything throughout the entire book! That would have been fine IF you actually got answers to any of them!

I wanted to sail the high seas with some pirates, instead I found myself drowning in a sea of empty characters and endless unanswered questions!

Sorry Elle, this really didn't float my boat!