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Deadly Straits - R.E. McDermott I was given Deadly Straits for free by the author. I have to admit that it really isn't something I would normally read. I tend to stick to primarily fantasy, YA and romance work, but somehow R. E. McDermott has managed to suck me into the terrorist-filled, action-packed thrilling tale that Deadly Straits is.

It did take a while for me to warm to the story, making it a tale that those who don't persevere will likely miss. What I didn't appreciate at the time while struggling to get into the story is how much the extra Information at the beginning would help me to understand the storyline better.

I am not, nor will I likely ever be a boat person, but I found all the descriptions of the boats and their inner workings quite interesting which surprised me a bit.

I have been told it takes a skilled writer to do a terrorism, thriller well, and while Deadly Straits isn't perfect and it's not my preferred genre, I found it quite enjoyable.

Thank you R. E. McDermott for the gift of your book.