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Demon Evolution - David Estes I liked the ideas in this, but I felt it lacked in the actual construction. The "twists" we're too obvious, making it glaringly obvious to the reader what was about to happen.

If we put that issue aside for a minute, this could have been a 4 or even 5 star book. It certainly had the makings of one, with the unique look at good vs evil and angels vs demons. I guess I just wanted to be surprised a little by something in Demon Evolution, and sadly I wasn't.

I still plan to read book #3, even if it is only so I can find out how it all ends, that part still seems a little murky, but definitely leaning towards the good guys.

Things I noticed:
37% through on the kindle:
"they were used to this particularLY attack strategy, as the demons frequently used it in battle"