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Percepliquis - Michael J. Sullivan Well, well, well... I am thoroughly impressed with Michael's finale of the Riyria Revelations. I cannot recommend this brilliantly constructed, thought-provoking, giggle-eliciting, nail-biting and immensely enjoyable series enough.

Michael introduced me to, not only some of the most realistic, believable and interesting characters, but in Percepliquis, reunited me warmly with some real friends.

My favourite character of Percepliquis is Royce, actually, the whole series, though they were all brilliant! I often wondered if these guys were based on real people in Michael's life, because they just seem so real. So ready to jump off the page and warmly shake your hand.

Unlike some other (more popular) authors *cough* Chrisopher Paolini *cough* Michael really knows how to gracefully bring a series to a close. I was worried I would be sad, or angry with the ending, as so many good writers feel the need to give their characters finality, but Michael has given them all enough of a closure, interlaced with hope for the future, that I found myself secretly urging them onto whatever their future holds, instead of focussing on the fact that I have to say goodbye to them.

Thank you so much, Michael! I do hope we may see more stories down the track from this world (and hopefully with my favourite characters making an appearance)!