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Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins Hmm, I don't know just what I expected from Mockingjay, but it certainly was more impressive than what I just read!

I believed that this finale would be action-packed, thrilling and nail-biting drama all the way until the end, but alas, I must have been mistaking.

The beginning was ok, interesting plot development. What wasn't fun (and in fact rather boring) was that middle section of the story where the star team are sent to the Capitol, but not allowed to fight in any real situations. , this dragged on for MUCH too long. I didn't feel it held much value, except for padding the story.

Another thing that bugged me was the failed relationship with Gale! Yes, he was a bit pig-headed and stubborn, but the way it was left was rather appalling!

Peeta, Peeta, Peeta... At first I wanted to punch him in the nuts, then I wanted to give him a set, then he went completely off the rails!! I HATED what Snow did to him. It was cruel and in humane (I get that that was the point), but I didn't find it very believeable.

I am not even going to touch Katniss and my thoughts on her incessant crying, bitching and moaning. Grow a freaking brain! Nor am I going to touch the blatantly obvious 'climax' that involved Coin and Snow

Some of the characters I loved were Cinna (my absolute favourite!! Though I was very upset about how he dies and they gloss over it! I mean he was a key supporting character for Katniss throughout the lead up to both games, and to just be glossed over! Hmmpf! I also loved Prim. She was such a strong young girl, her character really grew in this last book.

I also enjoyed the use of Buttercup in the story, he was fun.

Hated the ending! Sorry Suzanne, but Mockingjay only just scraped a 3 star rating, but it wasn't because you can't write beautifully, it was just that this story didn't work for me.