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Lily in the Snow and Other Elemental Tales - Christine E. Schulze I was asked to read Lily in the Snow and other Elemental tales by Christine in return for a review.

The book contains a number of tales about elemental beings. I can't say I've read much about elementals before, but I did appreciate how much effort Christine put into making her characters come to life.

The two stories I enjoyed the most were Lily in the Snow and The story teller.

Lily in the Snow: I found this a little slow to start with, but it was a beautiful, slightly melodramatic story. I liked the two main characters, Mica and Jewett and enjoyed taking their journey with them. At times Mica's character seemed to jump from her normal self to something a little odd, but it didn't detract from the story too much.

The Story teller: Despite the immaturity and childishness of the main characters retelling/writing/voice I still found this to be my second favourite story of the lot. I enjoyed the surprises and the build up to the climax.

I personally would consider breaking this book in two; I ended up getting a little bored of reading about the same type of character. Over 500 pages about elementals is a lot to take in, in one sitting. I would have felt more drawn to the later stories if the book hadn't been so packed with stories.

I enjoyed this romp into the world of elementals, thank you Christine for the opportunity to see them through your eyes.