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Deadly Games (The Emperor's Edge #3) - Lindsay Buroker OMG! What a way to spend the last day! Lindsay, you absolutely amaze me with how much I love all your books, but Deadly Games was incredible!

If I was slightly in love with Sicarius in the last two books, I am totally done for now! The incredible way he is portrayed, with his lack of emoting makes me want to simultaniously shake him and hug him for making me smirk, then smile, then grin like an idiot. I can honestly say I really wish he was real, I would love to see that stoney-faced silent stare and revel in the shudders that would likely race up my spine.

Amaranthe, well, some of the other reviews of this tale sum her up brilliantly. She is the ever present glue for this motley group of men. What I especially like is her ability to think quickly on her feet, and the fact that the guys all love (and sometimes roll their eyes at) that about her.

I do have one thing to say about the choice of ending for this one though. I hate that I now have to wait to find out what happens, but WOW! What a way to end this fantastic story!

Lindsay, you should be most proud of this one! Thank you for the best yet!

To those reading the review, buy this! Buy all of the Emperor's Edge series! Buy everything by Lindsay Buroker, you will not be disappointed!