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Racing Outside the Line (A Love Story at 190 mph #1) - Kimberly Montague Amusing and fast-paced for certain, Racing Outside the Line is an enjoyable romance story.

There were times where some typos got in the way of the scene, but they were easily overlooked overall. Another pass over by an editor wouldn't go astray.

I am not a car buff, nor will I ever be, so I was quite happy when Kimberly didn't go into too much detail about the cars and the racing. It was enough to satisfy my interests in the topic, providing enough filler to make the characters real and three dimensional, while not too much so as to cover up the real reason we want to read the story... steamy, sexy Seth! I loved Seth... maybe it was the bad-ass racing boy that got to me?

I will admit, that at times I wanted to smack Lexie... she got a little too frustrating towards the end of the book with all her emotional baggage. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand why she was going through it, but I felt we got to see just a little too much, which made her become a bit annoying at times.

I LOVED Gene! I wish we'd got to see some more of him... perhaps a side story about Gene?

I quite like the cover art, though Seth is better looking than the guy on the cover in my mind :)

The sexy side of this story was both sweet/romantic and sexy/steamy. I liked that we got to see both sides of the couple, not just the sweet and gentle side, but the crazy out of control side too.

Thanks for an enjoyable read Kimberly!