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Encrypted (Encrypted, #1) - Lindsay Buroker This was the first of Lindsay's books I've read, and from what I've seen with Encrypted, it will not be the last!

I started reading this book while at home sick and I spent then next few hours lost in the world that Lindsay created. It is so captivating, it will leave you wishing you could enter the pages yourself and explore outside the bounds of the story with Tikaya and Rias. The cryptography was initially what drew me to this book, but I was sold completely when I read the description and found that the lead was a 'not your average' heroin. Couple that with a bit of romance, magic and action and you find yourself reading a sure winner.

Overall, the plot was well polished and the characters were believable and fully formed, bringing a sense of familiarity to the reader and a desire to spend much longer delved into this incredible world. I strongly suggest you buy this book and enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you so much Lindsay!