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Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire I thoroughly enjoyed this book to begin with, the characters were realistic and showed real emotion, the detail in the description was brilliant!! Kudos to you on that Jamie! It really drew the reader into the story and made them feel part of it and developed the characters brilliantly to begin with.

What I didn't enjoy about this book was the constant to-and-froing between snuggly love birds and screaming crazy jealous people, that the two main characters seemed to transform into, this made Travis and Abby really start to bug me.

On another note, I, like a lot of people so it seems from the first few reviews I read, was a bit put off by the cover art, but I picked it up anyway.

If I could give half star ratings, this would have gotten a 3.5 as I don't feel it's quite worth a 4, but is better than a 3.

Thanks Jamie for a nice, yet slightly annoying read.