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Vampires and Chocolate: Blood Kisses, Blood Tears - Karinn Martel First off, thanks to Karinn for this great read. I enjoyed it immensely.

Now, what sf/paranormal/fantasy reading woman out there wouldn't be drawn to vampires AND chocolate in the title of a book. It is what initially drew me to this, I thought... well with two of my favourite things in the world in the title it is destined to be interesting! That's not to say that men won't enjoy this book, but I found it strongly skewed towards women :)

I loved the lead character Charlie, she was brilliantly honest and down-to-earth. I enjoyed a sneak peek into someone else's mind and found it surprisingly easy to relate to albeit the difference in age between myself and Charlie. I did find myself wanting Karinn to delve deeper into the sexy side of the book as I felt the descriptions were a little vague for my liking, but it didn't detract from a really enjoyable read.

I've just started book 2 and hope it's just as good!!