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Angel's Wolf - Rebecca Royce I have read everything that Rebecca has made available on the kindle in Australia. I have emailed Rebecca directly also, just so I could tell her how much I enjoyed all of her books! Each one is really enjoyable in their own way (especially the Warrior books)

Now, the Westervelt books are not for everyone, but if you enjoy sf/fantasy/paranormal reading you'll probably enjoy all of Rebecca's books. With a bit of action, romance and some killer bad guys as well as some really sizzling hot guys (and girls) it's a great read!

Angel's wolf is the latest instalment from the Westervelt werewolf pack. It focuses on Angel who was hidden away from her family as a baby, throughout this tale, she finds her mate at the worst (or is it the best) time possible. The chemistry between Angel and Parker is a little different from the rest of the stories - which was a pleasant surprise.

I love the cover art for all the books too! Well worth reading all of them!!!! PLUS there are a couple more on the way. Thanks again Rebecca.

FYI: The correct reading order:

Her Wolf
Summer's Wolf
Wolf Reborn
Wolf's Valentine (slightly different, same world)
Wolf's Magic
Alpha Wolf
Angel's Wolf