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Forged in Blood I (The Emperor's Edge, #6) - Lindsay Buroker Can you say cliffhanger?!

Lindsay has once again sucked me into Amarathe and Sicarius' world - not like it was that hard though - and I now find myself agitatedly waiting for the last installment of this series.

I loved being able to see how Sicarius' brain works, how he perceives things and how hard he is on himself.

There were times where I wanted to scream in frustration - come on Lindsay! Will it happen eventually or are you having too much fun teasing us?! Other times I chuckled and enjoyed the humor.

If there were something negative to say about this book, it would be that I didn't feel as emotive as I should have at the apex of the emotional climax (those who've read this should know what I am referring to) I wanted to feel like I couldn't bear to read anymore, like my heart was being ripped out of my chest and stomped on, or Sicarius had flung his notorious black blade into my chest, alas, I didn't quite get there.

This was a touch of a let down given how much I adore these characters.

Still, it's an engaging and entertaining read. Bring on Forged in Blood #2!!