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What Tomorrow May Bring
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The Bringer - Samantha Towle This romance tale was brilliantly constructed and full of gut-wrenchingly beautiful description. Thank you Samantha for such a stunning, emotional and awe inspiring read!

I loved Samantha's writing style and felt strongly connected with Lucyna (the main character of the story) throughout her journey.

The one thing that stopped this book from getting a perfect 5 star rating is that occasionally at times throughout the story things seemed to jump very quickly from one scene to another with little in between. I found it ended a little too quickly and abruptly for my liking with all the loose ends tied nicely in a bow that fit a little too perfectly... Having said that, it's really not too much of a criticism as it doesn't detract from the story too much as I could hardly put it down.

If I could give half ratings this would definitely have a 4.5 rating.

Thank you Samantha :)