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Blurry - Sherri Fulmer Moorer Blurry is a quick, easy read. The story progresses quite quickly and although it is a bit far fetched at times, it flows reasonably well.

I was reading a PDF version on my kindle that Sherri provided me in return for a review. I often find the PDF versions to be difficult to read on the kindle due to the size of the screen and how it tries to display a whole page. This wasn't too bad in Sherri's version, the text was a little bit small, but still legible.

While reading, I felt a bit like I was watching an American teen drama unfold. The girls seemed a bit shallow, the boys a bit more so, and the general feel was similar to 'Life of an American teenager' that show that aired on Foxtel here a few years back.

The exception to this would have been the main character Rachel. She was both intelligent and mature. This didn't stop her from making some silly choices, but then she's a teenager, so it is kind of expected.

This book should be considered for young adults or adults who like to read young adult books. It is one however, that should be vetted by parents first as it contains a bit of violence and murder.

The story progresses through the murder mystery quite well, with only a couple of instances that didn't really seem to gel. Being a work of fiction, the stuff that didn't quite gel can be chalked up to creative freedom. The sticking points being the police investigation and lack of evidence brought forward in the cases.

All in all, this was a reasonable book. A bit too light on for me, but not bad.

One thing I noticed:
97% (page 151) - "Next to the other one of (on) the floor."

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review