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Behind the Mask - Juliet M. Sampson

First of all, I'd like to say that while I didn't understand a lot of what went on in the mind of Juliet, I can understand and empathise with the mental and physical anguish that she went through. This book is an account of experiences that Juliet went through in her own life.

I can understand all too well how low self-esteem can affect a person, so my issues aren't with that. Also, I haven't (thankfully) had any experiences like Juliet either, but I had to wonder at the sheer naivety of Juliet in this book.

There were multiple times throughout this book that caused me concern and even anger. Sadly, most of them weren't at the abuser, but the abused and the family. It might be that I can't understand how being that helpless felt, but I don't believe I'd EVER let myself get into a situation like that. I'm not saying that Juliet asked to be abused, no hardly, but I am concerned that despite having a loving and supportive family she still didn't seek assistance until things had gone so far past ok. I also had concerns about her parents. Why didn't they step in to help? I sure as hell know my parents would if I were to find myself in that situation.

My issues with the main character and her family aside, there were some serious issues with the writing in this book.

1. Firstly, formatting on the kindle was horrendous. Chapter titles were ok, but the 'subtitles' were mashed in with the text and added to a general sense of unprofessionalism that I got from this book.

2. There were a number of instances that made no sense whatsoever. Things occurred without any sort of lead up or preparation, making me feel like you'd whipped me from Point A to Point G with nothing in between. It became rather disorientating.

3. Chapter 8 in the book is located at the end of the book after the epilogue.

4. The sudden ability, or revelation that Juliet could 'analyse' Jamie at around 76% through the book raised concern for me. If she's a psychologist why couldn't she analyse him before it got to that point. If she wasn't a psychologist at the time, adding the now garnered insight in at that point caused a serious disconnect with the character I came to know. It also caused issues with my understanding of the character and their development and mental state.

5. The written craft in this book is not polished. It felt like I was reading something a young child wrote. Lots of run-on sentences, lots of scene jumping, lots of head hopping. This might be because Juliet is actually a teacher of children in their 'Early Years', but it doesn't excuse the fact that reading this was a chore.

Sorry Juliet, I do honestly hate that you had to experience something like this in your life, and I commend you for wanting to share this with people and raise awareness for abuse and abuse victims, but this really was a struggle to read.