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The Night Lamp - Carol A. Spradling

The Night Lamp is a playful romp through what would be considered a war-time romance. It is full of flowery description, lots of lips, a buxom, fiery female lead Isa and an even hotter male lead, Cole.

I enjoyed the bickering and barbs shared between Isa and Cole, even if the storyline was a bit wishy-washy. Random facts popped up as if 'on purpose' to progress the story. It felt a bit forced in parts, but flowed perfectly in others.

I felt like both Isa and Cole were a bit bi-polar, their emotions swung rapidly through bone-snapping anger to soul-melting lust in a heartbeat.

Enjoyable if you take it at face value. It's a slightly racy, light read.

On a fantastic note, no editing or spelling errors located! YAY!

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.