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Blood Legacy: The Story of Ryan - Kerri Hawkins

Can you answer me this?!

Why is it that I keep stumbling upon these stories (I don't really have a set process for picking books, I just pick up things that sound interesting) that are, not only brilliant, but thought provoking AND belong to a series that I simply MUST read?! It certainly doesn't help lighten my already massively over-sized 'to-read' shelf!

Blood Legacy: The Story of Ryan is one of those stories. It is NOT your typical Vampire tale, but takes a rather medical (tinged with some of the most fantastic ideas) approach to explaining a race of beings that are far, far, FAR, more interesting than your boring, sparkly Edward Cullen type of vampire.

There is a good spattering of brooding, emotional outbursts, great fighting scenes, history, love, sorrow and extremely erotic scenes that are both deliciously devious, yet mixed with a little *wrongness* that leaves you simultaneously panting for breath and blushing like a school girl.

There were a few minor editing issues, some more obvious than others. Overall, a sound piece of work.

If you do one thing this week, give Kerri Hawkins' books a go! You will not be sorry you did!