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My Immortal - Ginger Voight

I won this book as part of a First Reads competition.

My Immortal was a solid tale, though a little convoluted and difficult to follow at times. I liked the psychology aspect of Adele's condition, even if it wasn't actually a psychology issue (what else could they have decided it was, given she was having hallucinations and dreaming of death).

I got a little tired of all the toing and froing in the middle, but it was nicely saved by the unexpected twist about Nicholas.

I liked the romance of the story, it was a strong and vibrant theme throughout the whole story. I could have done without the "happy" ending (the last chapter or so). It seemed a little cheesy.

I noted a few spelling/editing errors in the text, Ginger, if you want to know where, let me know. I also found one pretty glaring inconsistency in one of the scenes: on page 88 Adele is wearing jeans and an old sweater, later in the same scene (pg91) Adele is wearing an empire waistline dress...

Thank you Ginger for the copy of your book and the CD with the song that inspired it!