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The Navigator (Awash In Starlight) - Steve Merrick

Ok, so this book took me a very long time to read! I struggled through the frequent typos, constant misuse oh they're/there/their, knew/new, to/too and various others. I am a bit of an editing Nazi!

My issues with the editing aside, the story just didn't flow! The constant changing from Kego's writing, the virus' thoughts, Jenny's thoughts and Eel's thoughts all got very confusing. The timeline jumped around from present to past, to future with little thought for how the reader would handle it.

I didn't like Kego, I didn't like Jenny, I didn't get to know Eel, and I often felt I knew the robots more than the main characters.

A valiant first effort, but it still needs a lot of work!

Steve, I will email you the typos I picked up soon.

**NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review**