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A Hero's Rise - J.R. Mortellaro

First and foremost I must say I had no idea what to expect when I first started reading A Hero's Rise.

I liked the concept of the unlikely hero, but I think in this instance it was stretched a bit too far. I am all for creative freedom when it comes to fiction, but it needs to be at least a little plausible. Unfortunately, this was not, which made it a bit harder to get into.

That being said, the characters were quite well rounded, they weren't all too perfect, which gave them a sense of realism. I just wish that that carried across to the main character a bit more.

I enjoyed the humour in this story, sometimes it even elicited a giggle or smirk. What didn't amuse me was the 'extra' information that was in the story. I started skimming, I just wasn't really getting anything from the text. Couple this, with the below point and you will see why this got a 2 star rating.

This book (the kindle version) needs a good editor to run through it! I cannot stress this enough! I saw numerous accounts of the below frequent misuse:

Also, a couple of others I picked up.

29% - '...the hatred he had felt every (ever)...'
33% - '...has been at (add - it) for weeks now.'
33% - '...And making are (our) streets a safer place.'

A Hero's Rise has a good strong foundation, and with a bit of work, could become quite an entertaining read.

**NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review**