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The Duke Don't Dance - Richard G Sharp

This book did little to hold my attention. It was a rather intricate look at a group of people who popped up in each others lives throughout the years spanning 1960 - 2011. The way it starts (at a funeral) was a slap in the face just weeks after I'd lost my grandfather, so the book was put on hold for 6 additional months. That did little to warm me to the book. I think it's a poor choice to start a book like that and to introduce a lot of characters with little information to go on.

The following chapters led me to know the names, but not the characters and I had difficulty in working out if Ted was married to Lillian or Ari, if Triana was Franks kid or belonged to Sam...it was ultimately rather confusing with so many characters and children and constant criss-crossed lives.

I found that I would start a new chapter (usually a new year) and the general information about what was happening was interesting, some of it I remembered from school history or from news I'd seen in the later part of the book and others I didn't know much about at all. I would start out interested but when the personal parts of the characters started to infiltrate the story I started to switch off. The day to day activities of the characters was boring, unneeded information that bogged down the book.

If you want realistic characters, you may enjoy this book. The characters were flawed, angry for no reason, fought with friends and loved ones, cheated, lied and loved, but I didn't feel any sort of connection to them in the slightest.

My personal lack of interest in this book aside, if you want a book that covers the time (1960-2011) in fleeting detail then you might enjoy this. If you were born into 'the silent generation' you might be able to draw more comparisons to the characters, but I failed to.

**NOTE: I received an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**