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Sydney's Song - Ia Uaro

Sydney's Song is a story packed full of emotion and experience. It is the emotional journey of Sydney, the young 17-18year old girl through dealing with the painful breakup of her parents marriage to the initial forming of her own relationship with the quiet and intriguing Pete.

I liked the detail of Aussie culture sprinkled into the daily life of the characters, it was a welcome addition to the story and it didn't go overboard with Olympic fever, despite the story being set in Sydney, Australia around that time. Where I feel the book fell a little short was the amount of lead up we got before things started to happen for Sydney. I felt it lingered in that dark and withdrawn space for too long. The actions of her parents were a little strange too, but I quickly forgot about that and moved on to how much I loved Sydney's attachment to Dimity (her beloved pooch), it added a real connection to her for me.

The backpacker group that hung around with Sydney and Pete while they worked at 1300500 were a little worrisome, I felt that it might have glorified the lifestyle choices they made (being promiscuous and drinking/taking drugs) for younger readers, but that was quite strongly offset by Sydney's adamant beliefs of not drinking or having sex before marriage. I guess the point of having both sides of the coin would be to show young readers that you can make the choice to be different from your friends and it will be ok, but I'm not sure if Ia quite sold me on that.

I felt the ending was a little rushed. There were parts of the time spent in Boston that dragged (probably intentional) and other parts I wished to know more about (Lance and Eve and the musical gang in particular) that weren't really explored in full.

Ultimately if you'd like a nice, inspiring story of perseverance, overcoming huge obstacles and romance, then give Sydney's Song a try. 

On a side note, the book could do with a thorough edit, there were a number of small typos, missed words, and incorrect or missed punctuation.

**Note: I won this book as part of the Goodreads First Reads giveaways**