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The Star Dwellers  - David Estes

I'm not sure why I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first in the series The Moon Dwellers, but I just didn't feel a connection between me and the characters this time.

Perhaps it was that there seemed to be too much action, too much sensory information (I think I may have thought that the last book didn't have enough though) and just too much in general.

There were scenes in this book that should have completely floored me, but they didn't because I felt rushed through it, the scenes that should have been drawn out, teased and drip fed to the reader were harried and thrust into the readers face with little warning. I think this meant I missed a lot of the innuendo and subtle ideas that David meant to be visible.

I thought too, that some of the supposed 'twists' were blatantly obvious. Like, wrapped up in neon lights and flashing like the Vegas strip, obvious. Perhaps it comes down to something as simple as I have started to outgrow David's YA writing? I'm not sure.

It was still enjoyable and entertaining, but not his best. I will read book #3 The Sun Dwellers but not for a while.