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Soul's Child - Dianne F. Gray

Thoroughly engrossing, Soul's Child grasped me from the first paragraph and forced me to follow Aurora through the chilling experiences, share in her grief and to cheer her on as she took steps (no pun intended) to remedy the wrongs in her life.

This book made me draw comparisons to the movie, Final Destination, while mixed with an episode of Ghost Hunters spliced with one of those 'beyond the grave' tele-series.

I loved the plot twists, the build up to the climax was perfectly paced and didn't give away anything. I didn't know who Aurora could trust, who she would turn to or even if she had been imagining some of the things that were happening to her.

Dianne created a fast-paced, thrilling tale. The only negative I thought marred this one, was that perhaps a little too much was thrown into the mix, some of the characters lacked a little substance given the 86 page length. 

Regardless, this was still a great read!