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Advent (Vampires: The New Age #1)

Advent (Vampires: The New Age #1) - Natasha Duncan-Drake Another very quick read, Natasha delivers a vampire-packed action story with likeable, but not too likeable characters.

An interesting take on vampirism, with an almost purgatory-like time in between being infected and turning, Natasha does a great job of linking magic, paranormal and religious beliefs into one complex plot.

Crossing paranormal with a more traditional adventure/epic fantasy quest plot also gave this number a brilliant twist. It mixed ancient mysticism with current technology, M/F and a hint of M/M relationships (but far less M/M than is normal for Natasha's stories) and even managed to mix in a bit of romance.

Give this melting pot of goodness a try!

Things I noticed:

10% - '...put the shotgun barrel in it and let of (off) both rounds.'

64% - 'it (if) you hadn't been moving...'

65% - '...a floor your (you) don't mind me drawing on.'