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Larimar: Gem of the Sea

Larimar: Gem of the Sea - Christine E. Schulze Christine is a talented storyteller, her stories a complex, rich in description and while the writing craft isn't the best I have seen, she is still quite sound.

The tale of Larimar, gem of the sea should have been captivating, romantic and full of beautiful creativity, unfortunately it fell short of my expectations.

There were a few places where the characters got confused due to changes in name or scene, times when things that seemed important were glossed over and times when the plot felt supremely rushed.

I think this tale needs to be dissected and drawn out with some more of Christine's beautiful imagery, greater emphasis on the flavours of the tale too, not just they did this, went there and saw them.

A few things I noticed:

Typos picked up have been removed from this review at the authors request.

*NOTE: The author provided a copy of the book to me in return for an honest review*