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Wolf Pear

Wolf Pear - Dianne F. Gray I did not expect that!

I stumbled across Dianne's books by accident, it wasn't even through Goodreads, but when I learnt that not only was she an Aussie, but a multi-award winning author, I had to give her work a try.

I was not disappointed!

The plot was intricate, but easy to understand, it had murder, mystery, paranormal themes and even a tiny bit of romance.

The characters were brilliantly written. I loved Esther, she was so thoroughly unique and not perfect it made the book perfect. JD was full of surprises. I didn't see some of the plot twists coming, but they worked!

I loved the truly Aussie flavours of this book, the outback, the personality of the locals, the weather, the laid-back style. It was country Australia at its best.

I hated Esther's parents and family, but it added to the story. I would have probably murdred them several times if they were my family.

The action in this book is constant, it has many different genre facets, but I don't think it could possibly fail to deliver a delightful read, no matter what your preferred genre of reading is.

Pick up Wolf Pear today! It was a fantastic, rollercoaster of a ride.