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To Die A Stranger - Jilly Paddock Oh, now, what to tell you about 'To Die A Stranger'?

Firstly, more people should be reading this little gem. The storyline, the characters and the written craft are top notch. Jilly explores the senses, she throws you deep into the characters psyche and drags you back out kicking and screaming once you've set up a place there.

Do you dare take the plunge into this fantastic futuristic world of hers?

At first I didn't like Anna-Marie/Amaranth, our heroin (this, I think may have been intentional) but not too far into the bulk of the story, I was converted. I enjoyed the mingling of science-fiction with a phsychology tinge with space exploration and intelligence agency spy action. Also, the inner dialogue going on in Anna's head had me smirking quite often, which lent itself to softening the harsh edges of the sci-fi/action storyline.

I think most people will read this and come to love Anna, just as I did. She sort of grows on you slowly, taking her time to let you into her inner self.

Throughout the story, Jilly threw in a few twists and turns, some a little predictable and others not so much, but they were all well constructed and just seemed to fit.

I don't think I've read much else like this. I liked the partnering of the Zenith computer and Anna, the exploration of psionics and also the great story of triumphing over adversity that Anna goes through after the aircar crash.

I was, and still am very pleased to find out that Jilly has a few more stories in this style/genre coming, I will certainly be picking those up when they're available.

I found one typo:
99% - "More than you could possible (possibly) realise."