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Zed (Zed, #1) - Stephen Herfst Zed was a slightly different look at the zombie apocalypse, it was different in that the POV was from Zed, a slightly more human zombie. I enjoyed his inner dialogue, even when he occasionally rambled on about things that were a little trivial. Couple his inner dialogue with the rambunctious Chase and you have yourself the makings of an interesting tale.

Zed grows as a character throughout the story, he was initially one-dimensional and flat, much like the zombie he should be, but by the end of the book he was more 'human' than I think he should have been. Chase's human-ness rubbed off and he began to feel things and think of things and learn things he never thought were possible for a zombie.

This was a story of self discovery and showcased a lot of good themes for young adults (as this book clearly is aimed at - the writing is certainly well written for the YA crowd). The growing friendship between Chase and Zed is slowly built upon, it's not rushed, no one falls insanely in love with the other only minutes after meeting them or any of that all-too-familiar storyline. It progressed nicely and finished in a good place.

The main thing I didn't like was how Zed seemed to know so much about everything (except for convenient, or quite possibly intended 'inconvenient' things) and the explanation that he learnt all this from TV or reading seemed a little far-fetched. I felt this gave the whole story a little bit too much 'fake' which threw the whole thing off for me. Every time Zed uttered something about learning it from TV I inwardly cringed.

This issue aside, I enjoyed Zed and Chase's journey. I would also happily pick up another book by Stephen, just to see how he goes with something other than zombies and Zed's humor.

*NOTE: I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review*