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Lizzie's Journal

Lizzie's Journal - R.M. Voza Ok, so the general plot has been done before, the grammar, spelling and editing were in serious need of rechecking, and the baddie was totally cliche!

I still found that I enjoyed Lizzie's journal. I liked Jarred and I could relate partially with Jane. Jane's family was a 'real' family, full of all the good and the bad.

I initially thought the journal entries were Jane's, which made it a little confusing in the first few chapters.

There were times when the story seemed to focus too heavily on the mundane, everyday things, which made it drag on a bit. Yet, at others I really enjoyed the level of detail. I think this story needs a fairly heavy handed editor to look over it, cut some of the fat and help streamline the plot, as well as pick up a lot of the grammatical and spelling errors that frequented this story. Most of them probably wouldn't be obvious to most readers though.

I guessed from 29% who did it, that somehow didn't detract from the story. In fact I felt more like I was along for the ride with Jane, which probably made me enjoy the book more.

I would recommend this for those over the age of 16, who enjoy a bit of the paranormal.

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review