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Unjust Cause

Unjust Cause - Jaclyn A. Wilson Ever wondered what it'd be like to live through a war?

Well, in Unjust Cause you can witness one first hand through the eyes of Emily and Annie when General Manuel Noriega takes on the United States presence in Panama.

If you're a little squeamish when it comes to blood and injuries, perhaps this might not be the best book for you, as Jaclyn does a very good job of dropping you into the action in full force. It almost felt like you were copping a face full of blood and guts along with the nurses.

Some of the plot twists were almost blindingly obvious, others not so much, but despite the predictability of them, they seemed to work and didn't leave that irritating sting that visible plot twists sometimes leave behind.

I quite liked the characters; I especially appreciated the dialogue between Emily and Annie. It was very real to me, which helped to make those two characters more like friends. I didn't feel so attached to Dan, which caused a bit of a lack of emotion at a pivotal point in the storyline, but Pat grew more as a character and that meant I ended up liking him a lot more.

The emotional reactions to the situations they found themselves in was very realistic. I liked that a lot. It made the book more real and believable.

Ultimately, the reason the book didn't get 5 stars, came down to a few typos (below) and the fact that what should have been a gut wrenching scene just wasn't because I hadn't come to love the character in question. I was getting close, but it seemed too early, too rushed and just didn't quite work.

I strongly suggest this for anyone who wants a strongly written, descriptive story that showcases some legendary leading ladies in some horrible situations, some sizzlingly sensual situations and pretty much just kicking butt the whole way through.

I will be checking out more by Jaclyn A Wilson.

Things I noticed:
41% - '...had grazed Pat's his(remove his) shin.'
59% - 'Way to (too) close.'
87% - 'She wondered if it was it (remove second it) possible...'

NOTE: I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review