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American Girl - Tony Talbot American Girl is a thought-provoking book.

Being Australian, I didn't study American history at school and my study of the World Wars were skewed to cover mostly the Australian stories and experiences. The happenings in America and other areas of the world were briefly covered, but not in any great detail. So this book introduced me to what it might have been like for the Japanese during the war.

Sometimes I drew strong comparisons between myself and Mary Tanaka (the main character of the book), yet at others not. I felt her character struggled between being American and remaining true to her Japanese heritage. I think I felt more connected with her American ideas, mainly because the Japanese ones were very foreign to me. I did enjoy learning about certain Japanese traditions and cultural differences too.

I loved Kenny. He was a brilliant character, often giving the darker, harsher moments a little twinkle of light innocence.

Where I felt we were let down was the development of the young men in Mary's life. I wanted to know more about them, who they are and more information on their relationships with Mary. I felt this was a key point to her mental state throughout the book, but I didn't get enough detail.

Overall, the book is quite enjoyable. I raced along for Mary's ride, through the good and bad. I didn't enjoy this one as much as some of Tony's other books, but it's still a solid 4 star book.

Some things I noticed:

19% "I don't want them to give them anymore reason..."
35% Agent Block is referred to as Agent Stone when entering the house.
55% 'She turned at (and) studied the fence...'
56% "But please keep aware (away) from the wire..."
69% "You still don't know your way (around) the camp..."
70% 'His grin froze on his face when she (he) realised she...'
82% "Do you want to talk about to her about anything..."
84% 'Isamu turned to back to studying...'
94% 'by being shunning him...'