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Quest (A World of Heroes, #1)

Quest (A World of Heroes, #1) - Michayla Roth An epic tale of good vs evil if I have ever read one. Quest follows Tiernan, the pure quester who is backed by The Most High, and Shiloh the quester who is shrouded in the darkness of the Dark One.

You can probably guess some of the plot points if you were given 5 guesses, but probably not the ending. That surprised me.

I didn't like some of the character names because it made the reading harder as I went along. I also think the alternate names and idea for the times and seasons was an added burden for the reader that didn't add anything to the story.

I liked a lot of the visual imagery Michayla created, but the occasional use of poetic replacements of words, again, just added a bit of confusion.

I would have liked crisper detail in the fighting scenes, but I know this is extremely difficult to get right. The fighting scenes were mostly quite good and easy to picture in my mind.

Thanks Michayla for letting me enjoy Quest.

On a side note - this is the first book in a while that I have not picked up a single error in :)