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Major BS: A Top Secret Mission - John    Martin Right off the bat the "blah, blah blah, what?" sentences were driving me crazy! I know that the British people do speak like that, but it really distracted me.

I liked the local Aussie (especially Canberra) knowledge and felt that it made the story into something special to me because of it :)

Overall, I didn't love the story - I think I didn't appreciate the satirical humor enough, I think it was a little lost on me. What I did love was the characters, especially Molly and Bax and even good 'ol Bob too. I really didn't like Major B S, but that was the point wasn't it!

Thanks, John for the opportunity to read your book and for the couple of giggles your humor elicited from me. Will we ever find out what happens next?

Recommendations: I think that another strong handed editor could be useful to pick up the reasonably frequent issues (missed words, incorrect spelling, punctuation and double words).

Some things I noticed:


x I noticed quite a few sentenced with double words at the beginning of the book (sorry I was on a plane when I was reading it, so I couldn't jot them down) - e.g. 'You don't you think..."

39% - "Need to know? Need to bleedin' know? You Don't you think I need to know how on earth we will be able to make this..."

72% - 'Molly did not know how much more of this she coud take - her at one end...'

74% - 'she had had gone without her tablets before and, living where she lived, in the sticks, most likely would again.'

79% - "Only thing that rivalled it were his darts - he kept those in a blue case in the top drawer in a cabinet next to his armchair."
*NOTE: Perhaps it's the accent/language choice of the character, but there seemed to be a lot of words missing in the dialogue through the story around Sir Rex*

81% - "Just because we're English, we have to drink tea, right? We'll Well I don't know about you but I..."