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In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls - David George Richards I received a copy of this book from David in return for a review. I was given the opportunity to pick out of his selection of books and I was pleasantly surprised with my selection.

In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls is a book packed with adventure, romance, discovery, fantasy and science fiction. It had a really good mix of all of them, so no, one point felt too full on, or left behind.

I liked the main characters, Rolf and Soo-Kai. I liked most of the characters, even the bad ones. They felt well developed and realistic, even though the world they found themselves in was quite different to ours.

I did think the story was a little too long for a first book. There is A LOT to take in and at times it was a little confusing to keep all the characters straight (in particular all the girls from the hockey team).

I would have liked a little more detail in some of the high action/gritty bits, as at times it felt a bit glossed over.

Having said that - I would recommend reading this book if you'd like to be thrust into this world of aliens, androktones, knights, kings and princes.

One thing I noticed:

11% - 'Always the ova would receive too little from Rolf, to twotoo much, and always...'