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Forgotten Fox ( The Celestial Saga, #1) - Lena Horn

Forgotten Fox boasts a rather unique plot. I have never read anything like it before.

I did momentarily lapse into my childhood when the tails started happening, it reminded me of Vulpix from Pokemon. I had a bit of trouble visualising George as anything other than a sweet little red fox with 9 glorious tails.

I must also admit that George's name threw me too. It seemed a strange animal name.

I liked the story with all it's complexity, the twists were varied and seemed to fit well. Where the story fell down was in the polish.

There were scenes that I struggled to follow the fighting because the visuals weren't clear enough, there were rather important development points that should have been fleshed out that weren't. These points were simply swept under the carpet.

I also had issues with some of the mental processes for Aruna, for the most part her thoughts and actions made a lot of sense, there were, however, a number of times in the story where what she did or said or thought seemed so foreign, it was like some other character.

All in all, a rather enjoyable story, but it has its problems.