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Equipoise - Kim Fielding Wow, what a ride!

Starting with [b:Stasis|8534064|Stasis|Kim Fielding|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328560055s/8534064.jpg|13401343] and then continuing with [b:Flux|11279771|Flux|Kim Fielding|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1305192715s/11279771.jpg|16206936], Kim sure has taken us on a rollercoaster ride with Ennek and Miner.

What started out as a rather sweet love story between the two male characters, quickly grew into a rather intricate and fully formed fantasy story that challenges some of my thoughts on magic and wizards. I loved the elemental aspects of the trilogy and adored the way Kim's writing flowed sweetly off the page and into my memory.

I have highlighted a number of truly stunning passages from all three books on my kindle and have them shared on my GR profile (if you're interested you can check them out in my quotes section). Kim's talent at writing gay romance is one to rival even the biggest names. So far, my experience of her writing shows she understands the relationships, both emotionally and physically and yet, is able to explore them without graphic details.

If you're new to the m/m romance genre perhaps a sweet, loving trek with Miner and Ennek is the gentle awakening to it that you need.

I felt a little sad to be reading the last pages of this book. It's the end of our journey with the boys (Kim explains in the notes at the end of the book), I had always hoped that there would be more. Despite the sadness I felt at reading the ending, it's all in all a rather good ending.

I, like many of the other readers and reviewers of this trilogy loved Ennek and Miner and accompanied them throughout their tough, tiring and exciting journey.

I would recommend this trilogy to most readers in a heartbeat. Even those who don't read m/m romance. The fact that the boys gay, really fades into the background of this entrancing story.

I did find one typo:
82% - 'It was a (<- remove a) harder to fly on the other...'