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Break Her - B.G. Harlen As other reviews have stated this is a brutal, in-your-face look at non-consensual sex/rape that really holds nothing back. I have to state that again, because really, that all there is to this book. It's violent, it's horrific, it's full of internal dialogue that was completely, mind-numingly boring and it was very realistic.

Do you know anyone who can screw for almost 3 days in a row with next to no breaks? How about when his man parts are sore and chaffing that he starts to do things with 'toys' but do them for undetermined amounts of time without stopping? No?

I don't.

Also, I don't know anyone who can think rationally when someone is doing any of that to them, I sure as shit don't know anyone who could think that way after almost 3 days of it!

I found the repetition of the same things to be so completely boring that I wanted to start skipping scenes... I didn't, but I really wanted to! How many times can one be porked? Front, back, mouth... really... that's about it! Let's get some imagination in here.

If you had someone you could do ANYTHING to, wouldn't you play out some of your fantasies? Where was the dirty talk? Where was the exploration of BDSM or roleplaying? I mean she was already doing the things he wanted, why not take it further?!

The hands... cuffed. If I could be bothered, I would have counted how many times it was mentioned that her hands were cuffed here, or there, or up or down. That was mentioned soooo many times!

Now, the three star rating. Surely you're thinking if it was that boring, repetitive and that graphic I'd give it a 1 star rating, right? Well, despite the above issues, there was some good points. Surprising I know!

The witty banter between the two characters was at times rather amusing. If you blocked out what he was doing to her that is.

The exploration of the human psyche was also intriguing. What is it that makes up a human? How much pain/torment/loss can one endure? Well, read this book and you might find out.

So, despite it's obvious flaws, I still found this book ok. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but if someone asked me for a book that was dark and graphic and kinda explored the human psyche a bit, I might mention it.