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Taken - Tony Talbot What would you do if everything you have ever known is a lie? If all that you hold dear in this life is no longer real?

Taken, is a short story (which could easily be made into something far far more detailed and longer!) that really took my breath away. I had pegged the general feel of the book by about 40% in, but what threw me was who I thought it would affect. The fact that I had picked up the general theme of the book early on didn't detract from this story, in fact it made it that much more interesting, because I was constantly guessing how everything fit together.

For those of you who haven't read anything by Tony yet, do... start with this one! This is Tony's second book I've read and both of them have been very good.

Initially I struggled to get to like Amon, but he eventually grew on me, probably about the time he met Chelsea.

The pictures that Tony paints in Taken are truly glorious! I found myself stopping and picturing them in my mind for a few minutes before continuing on with Amon's story.

One thing I would mention, the cover. I think the eye detail is too subtle. I didn't pick it up until I had finished it and hopped onto GoodReads to write the review. That could be because I have the kindle version, but I'm not sure.

I have one typo that I picked up, but I think there was another one earlier on, that I didn't write down because it was in one of those really good parts!

91% - '...trying to remember of (if) there's...'