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The Antique Hunters - L.H. Thomson I paid the $2.99 from Amazon, but it is worth the money if you'd like a sweet tale about love, lust, antiques and some rather sensual cooking.

I didn't love this book, nor did I hate it, it was a good read, but not great. I found it a little too predictable, I think from about 30% in I had already picked up major plot points and although it wasn't confirmed until right at the end, I think that spoilt it a little.

I did like the detail on the antiques, cooking and the history of the town and France - having never been to France it was nice :)

I liked Burton, but not right from the beginning, I wasn't sure what to make of him when we first started - and while I'm on that, why did we need to know all the stuff about the work? I didn't see such a huge benefit and it was a touch boring in places, it could even put people off.

Some things I noticed:

11% - 'Just then, Arthur reappeared with the chair. Its lines were clean and Nakashima's shop had beveled the inch-thin armrests every ever-so-slightly to flatten them out.'

12% - 'He waivedwaved to them both and...'

12% - 'A Nation of builders. Bloody marvellous.'

15% - 'Burton couldn't figure out how she managed it, as she seemed to have had almost as much to drink as he.'

46% - "...I rather thing think food at home will taste uninspired, after all of this."

56% - 'He was a fine man, but shethe one thing to be irrefutably true: he'd never managed...'

63% - 'Burton had spotted a few items before Mme.' - Suggestion to fill out the shortened versions of Madame etc.