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Broken Mirror Girl - James McQuivey OMG! Broken mirror girl made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me remember. Most importantly, it made me stop and think.

James has created a very (slightly scarily so) real character in Maggie. She embodied so much of what I remember about being that age, in all it's positivity, but also very much all the negativity. I drew some immensely strong connections between my own teen years and the emotional turmoil that Maggie went through.

The extremely relevant plot for today's youth was well constructed and brilliantly pulled off. I would strongly recommend this book for all young women (years 14 and up!) it may have some hard hitting themes, but I felt it was handled in a way that highlights the dangers, without glorifying them.

The strong emphasis on family in Broken Mirror Girl was a beautiful touch that helped to complete this incredible tale!

I honestly can not say enough about this story to encourage you to buy it. Read it! Share it! I wish I had read it earlier!

Thank you so much James for your brilliant story!