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The Bronze Serpent (Eternal Reality Series) - K. Raymond McGinley The Bronze Serpent is a very unique tale that should be shared openly with those who relish the idea of explorining their inner self. With some if the most amazing imagery and concepts, I was truly amazed at the depth of this story.

At first I was a little lost. You were thrust into K. Raymond McGinley's world of science-tinged-fantasy-on-steroids. It was a little overwhelming and I took probably the first couple of chapters to get into it.

After the initial confusion, I jumped right into the amazing world of The Bronze Serpent. This story really did take on so many different faces. It wrapped them all up in a truly amazing read.

The characters were well constructed and quite believable. They had realistic reactions to some if the odd-world scenarios in this tale, which made my connection to them stronger.

The concept of being able to experience someone's mind/soul in a 3D virtual reality simulator is something to be marveled at. Thoroughly thought provoking and filled with little nuggets of insightful scriptures, The Bronze Serpent walks that fine line between being fun to read and being educational, and does it in style.

Thank you for such an enjoyable fantasy read!