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Caul, Shroud and Veil (Fire Raisers Trilogy, #1) - Kim McDougall Caul, Shroud and Veil was an epic read. It danced around Maia, a young FireRaiser (someone who can create and manipulate fire) and the many men in her life, but like a box waltz, you go round and round but don't get anywhere!

The big disappointment about this book was having all this set up (of which there was lots, it felt like a lot more than 340 pages worth) and the story not really going anywhere. Kim writes brilliantly, but I felt like we were just treading water until something happened. The climax of this section of the story, if indeed you could call it that, really didn't do too much for me.

The characters are very solid, you get a lot of insight into each of them, this is a good thing! There are quite a few characters, many of which I'm sure will come into play later in the trilogy. I think I'll be pleasantly surprised when we find out what happens next, but I felt that having this many characters was a bit too much to take in at times.

The change of PoV from Maia to Canaan (one of the 5 Gods) was a little distracting and sometimes took me a while to work out who was saying what!

I want to know what happens with/to Donle, I really would have liked to see more of him! What is going on with the demon? What is going to happen to Maia?!

Caul, Shroud and Veil, left me with more questions than it answered. This one only get's a 3/5. I hope book 2 is less fluff, and more stuff!