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Magi   Heart Of Shadow - Andrew Boisen Well, what can I say about Magi - Heart of Shadow!? It's thoroughly enjoyable is what! If you like fantasy, this book should certainly be on your 'to read' list.

Some of the pros:

The diverse characters and enthralling detail created by Andrew really drew the reader into the story. Cain was a brilliant character, who really developed from our first glimpse of him all the way through to the final scenes. Andrew created a character that will likely draw in everyone who reads this tale, each for a different reason.

Cain was surrounded by a number of strong, yet strikingly different supporting characters. These characters added to the richness and fullness of this novel and really added depth and believability to the emotions and situations that occurred.

If I could vote for most evil villain, it would be squarely pegged on Osmundus! He may not be the most well rounded character, in terms of range of emotion or development, but he sure was evil!

Some of the cons:

In some parts the description was so intense it was like being smacked in the face with a dismembered limb as the carnage occurred. Don't get me wrong, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's not to everyone's taste either; So, if you have a fragile disposition when it comes to blood and guts, be warned, there may be scenes within this epic tale that may turn your stomach.

Blood and guts aside for a minute, there are some other incredibly dark threads to this tale, each of which are explored to some extent. These also may cause some mental or emotional anguish to those who don't wish to be privy to some of the violence, torture, rape and other equally devilish things that occur to our characters.

There were some small editing issues that I noticed throughout, but they weren't glaring enough to distract from the scenes.


I think this deserves a 4.5 rating as it was enjoyable and exciting, yet it had it's own individuality.

Thanks for a great story Andrew!