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Vampires and Chocolate: The Seven - Karinn Martel I left a nice 3 book gap between this one and books 1&2, but sadly it didn't help. Sorry Karinn, but this story floundered between a drunken sorority party (with swords and bows) and a flaccid attempt at a saucy erotic novel.

I really REALLY tried to love this one, but I found myself swinging between wanting to smack the snot out of Charlie for her stupidity and wanting to vomit at the cheesy and often ill-timed drivel spouting out of Angil and Ron.

Taking my above comments aside for a minute, there were some small gems hidden amongst the rest. I loved the development of some of the lesser characters, but missed hearing about Henry. I wish some of the most crucial scenes had of been further developed, as they felt a little too rushed for my liking.

But I will give you this Karinn, the twists you put in (although a little predictable) have kept my interest enough to persevere with book 4...just.