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Vampires and Chocolate: Eisald and the Dark Twins - Karinn Martel So, I rushed to read book 2 from the Vampires and Chocolate series. I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't as impressed as I was with the first one.

While I really enjoyed the description in the memories and stories about Conie and the dragons, I found myself getting a little frustrated with Charlie in this one. She just couldn't keep it together! In between the crying and the fainting and the copious amounts of sex... I got a little bored with it, and found myself wanting to skip some scenes with her and Angil in them just coz they were all very similar...

Having said that, though, it won't stop me reading book 3 - which I've just purchased. I will, however, be taking a little break before reading it.

Thanks Karinn for another good read, but I hope book 3 is more like the first.