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The Importance Of Being Nobody - Garry Bridgman I was at first intrigued by the title of this book, and it was the reason I purchased it. Alas, the title is the only good thing I can say about this story. While the idea behind the story does have potential, the writing is so bad, (with more incorrect spelling and gramatical errors than accurate writing) I could hardly pay attention to the actual story. Instead I spent most of the time getting extremely frustrated about the appalling spelling and grammar, this was after I spent a decent amount of time unravelling the long and often unnecessarily complex sentences enough to understand what was actually happening.

Putting the grammar, spelling and ill constructed text aside for a minute, you're left with the bare bones of what could be a reasonable story. With a lot of work, this MIGHT be able to pass for something that is reader friendly.

Sorry Garry, but this really needs some work!

I don't suggest buying this book as it is, unless you would like some practice at editing or proof-reading.