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Fiji: A Novel - Lance Morcan, James Morcan

**may contain very slight spoilers**

What's pink, yellow and blue with white stripes? Carries clubs and guns too, speaks in tongues and might also eat one too?

Give up?

You will find out if you give this book, with it's gritty storyline and richly descriptive imagery when it came to the indigenous people, a try. The idea that drove the story was a strong one, it's been done before...done to death. Where I found this book let me down was in the mechanics of the writing. I was fairly picky as you'll be able to see below in my notes.

15% - Yep, I get it! Rod is a simpleton. Quit telling me every time he is mentioned!!
A fair bit of head hopping between Nathan and Suzannah. Kind of distracting, no real break between either.

16% - very abrupt changes between scenes. More could have been added to tie the scenes together instead of such a jarring change. (S+N to maiden and sailor)

18% - why didn't we find out about Waisale's birthmark the first time we saw him in the story?

22-24% - I am not sure about this 'he/she would later learn...' Line. It is putting in information the characters don't yet have for the reader.

88% - why didn't they go back? Check on the men? It seems a little odd...

These things aren't the be all and end all when it comes to writing a book, and if you can overlook some of those things I think you'll thoroughly enjoy this tale.