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Rainy Days by Victoria Zagar

Rainy Days - Victoria Zagar

Rainy Days was a very busy story. Lots happened in Michael and Ash's lives, I would argue, too much happened. Even though the timeframe was quite long (around a year or so all up) there just seemed to always be something catastrophic happening in their lives.


I liked Michael and Ash to begin with, but their 'woe-is-me' attitudes grated on my nerves quite a lot as the story progressed. They certainly had reasons to be down, but their reactions seemed too processed, too text book and too obviously sculpted to fit with the plot line.


I hated Michelle, but then, that was point. The kicker in the tail to get you to like her or feel bad for her was too little, too late in my eyes. All the shit throughout the story is not erased because of one incident down the track.


I mention it below in the things I noticed, but I will elaborate here. The sex scenes were very repetitive and got boring. The two boys were always doing the same things, it was very basically described and the same language was used for almost every sex scene. I'm not saying to go out and buy a thesaurus and then rape it, but spice up their sex life, spice up the language used and you would definitely spice up the story!


Ultimately, the story was ok. I wont rush out to buy more of Victoria's work, but if I came across some more, I would read it.


Some me things I noticed:


Rainy days

1% 9 o'clock shadow, isn't it a 5 o'clock shadow?!

5% - '...voice was think (thick) with emotion...'

15% - '"you're not. "(Delete ") I invited you."'

24% - same sex scene over and over. Boring!

29% - 'He left (let) out a derisive...'

57% - '...stifling heat i (in) the hospital.'

79% - '...were finally allowed int (in to) the...'

91% - 'sometime's (someone's) definitely inside...'

95% - '"Michelle, move. (") Michelle moved...'